Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow play

What would winter be without a snow fort, snow slide, and a few snowstorms.  Well, Blake would tell you that you need some tools.  With Daddy’s supervision (our excellent foreman), Digger #1 has learned how to use an ice axe, a shovel, and a saw this winter.  Over several days, the two of them constructed a kid’s fantasy snow arena in the little park across the street from our house. 

Here’s Blake hard at work in the job site:

 And here is part two of the project.

The snow fort turned into quite the community event:  kids home from college came and dug a tunnel at midnight; the twin girls came sledding; and most neighbors actually felt bad when a huge front loader came and plowed the whole thing in one night.

These videos were from our massive snow fall in December.  It's a little harder to get Blake out the door after three months of snow and bone chilling cold for much of winter thus far.  And it's really hard to keep Gavin from pulling off his mittens when he's outside.  But overall, they seem to like playing in the snow!