Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!  

It is fitting today to share with you some things that I especially love and appreciate in members of our little family crew.

Foreman Sebe:
Lets me sleep in after a night up with little diggers.
Doesn’t mind folding laundry.
Often cleans up dishes that have been left out in our dash to a new activity/bathroom/diaper change.
Can fix anything.
He’s a stellar athlete.
Sparks creativity in all of us.
Patiently builds great friendships.
He’s extremely practical.
Applies dispassionate logic to any potentially emotional topic.
Builds with Blake.
Sings to Gavin.
Likes to hike and be outdoors.

Digger Blake:
The way he says "delicious" when he likes a particular food.
Builds 'chines out of Legos.
Likes to give hugs to all, including Gavin.
Tells stories.
Likes to be the leader when biking/dancing/hiking, etc.
Loves to swim.
Helps cook, and likes to make his own "concoctions" (he actually uses this word) with lots of 'gredients.
Checks books out from the library.
Doesn't like to see other people sad.  He'll give back a toy and comfort Gavin... well most of the time anyway...
Calls daddy "Dada."
Loves being tickled.
The glint in his eye.

Digger Gavin:
The way he navigates you around the house with his pointer finger when you are carrying him.
Has long conversations.
Vroom, vroom with the toy cars (he makes the symbolic functioning noise).
Laughs with Blake.
Pure joy at seeing our cat appear.  He loves stuffed animals too.
A hearty meat eater.
Can do the shape sorter already (15 months), climb a 2-step ladder, get his own snack from a drawer/counter, and brush his own teeth with toothbrush.
Identifies, and loves, chocolate.
Hangs on when you hold him.
Loves to swim.
His smile.
The glint in his eye.
I am also so grateful for our family and friends.  Thank you for being part of our lives.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. The toads are grateful for the crane who loves and guides the diggers and the foreman, who posts with wonderful pictures. The crane is the glue that holds the construction company together.