Monday, October 24, 2011

Big party

We started what we are hoping is a tradition for our boys -- a joint summer birthday party.  Uncle Conrad and Aunt Carole spurred this one to existence this year.  They sent us a pinata for Blake's birthday and Blake demanded that we open the box immediately (as he does with every box that the brown "box truck" brings us).  It was well before his birthday but Aunt Carole had given her permission.  Well, a pinata is no fun unless there are a lot of kids to hit it!  And thus, the birthday party.  It was a big success and here are the pictures.
Cake -- not sure why pic is rotated this way.

Brothers eating together at their party.

Daddy invented bag jump racing.

At the starting line.  Gotta love Spiderman (Merritt)

Playing duck, duck, goose.

B and Dean.

Playing Simon says...or maybe just Gavin playing around.
Blake and friend Beckham playing "Salmon Says" (Blake's pronunciation of Simon Says)
Blake and Gavin practicing for pinata smashing.

It was a nightly activity for several days.

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