Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anyone needing a Gavin update?

I just can't resist posting another guest entry from Grandmother B.  She spent a couple of hours with Gavin this afternoon, while Sebe and Blake went to a live performance for kids, "Toying with Science."  She captures quite wonderfully how little baby Gavin is turning into little boy Gavin.

"Being with delightful Gavin was the highlight of today as he is filled with laughs and allows me the luxury of pure joy. For fun, here's the recap on our play time together. At lunch he ate a bite of all foods on your list and spooned in yogurt on his own. Like B, he says, "mmmmmmmmm" if he thinks some food is going to taste good and then again when it does. The Banilla yogurt got the "mmmmmmmm". Then we threw and rolled the yellow ball, played with a couple of toys, read books not quite as rapidly as he turned pages, played tag for almost 20 mins. and when he couldn't find me because I'd hide in the bathroom, he'd stand still and call out "Bah! Bah!" So I'd let him find me and he'd run into my legs to be swept up for a hug and sometimes a tickle. Then we sang at the piano. He wouldn't sit on my lap but only beside me; he wanted to play the bass notes. He bounced his body in rhythm while we both sang different tunes simultaneously. I made up a Gavin song. As he pulled out the alphabet zipper book, he heard the outside door open. I said, "Who could that be?" He waited quietly and when he saw Blake appear, a sweet, great big grin opened; he loves his brother. Dad gave me a goodbye and thanks. Gavin, on his own, walked me to the door, said "Bye, bye" and blew me a kiss gaining him another B hug. Good manners come from good parents and you both are good ones!"

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  1. always need gav updates (and blake!) more videos for the fans...xoxo