Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You may recall that Sebe and I met in a swim program, so it’s only fitting that one of Blake’s first set of lessons be swimming. He’s been in ½ hour private swim lessons for a few months and can now swim independently across a pool. This is great, since it means that he can get himself safely to the wall after coming down a water slide.  We are pretty psyched about his swimming progress.  And he actually seems to enjoy it.  There was a lot of crying on the way to the first few lessons; in those situations, I would allow him to not go, but he had to go in and tell the teacher that he didn’t want to swim.  By the time the suit was on and he saw the water, he wanted to be in, so we have never missed a lesson.
Here is a video of him swimming his first lap (that’s what his teacher is about to say before I unfortunately shut off the camera).

And here are some pictures of our other future swimmer.  Gavin loves the water too.  One time, he went directly from the car, into the swim area and into the pool, shoes and all!  He had to go home wrapped in my jacket.  What a character.

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