Thursday, May 19, 2011

More beach time

I love the beach and I love going to the beach with kids.  But I love my husband even more at the beach.  The energy that he has to run races, fill buckets, dig holes, build castles, bury children in sand, and take them to the bathroom when needed, is absolutely amazing.  And you can triple sentiment that since most of our beach trips seem to follow a grueling triathlon race that Sebe has just completed.

We had a great time visiting Carlsbad Beach in Carlsbad, California.  We stayed in a lovely rental house across the street from the beach, which made spending the day on the sand truly possible.  The sun came out and, despite Gavin's initial uncertainty about getting wet and actually having water touch his toes, everyone had a great day.

a preview of the "sand slide"; see video below

The boys also made their own "sand slide" and spent a lot of time on that:

But this is my favorite, the typical day for Sebe at the beach.  I love you Sebe.

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