Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where is Gavin?

And where is my camera when we need it?  I took the boys to the big pool in Kamas, Utah this afternoon.  We needed to get out.  Daddy has been away for three days, working in California, it's been raining here, and we were all getting tired of each other and our Legos.  So, off we went to the pool that has two waterslides, a lazy river, and fountains galore.

After two lifeguard saves on our last visit, flotation devices are now a must for these boys.  Water wings for Gavin and a shirt with built-in flotation for Blake seem to do the trick.  Gavin insisted on going down the huge 35-foot high slide and, 6-month pregnant me, had to oblige.  Thank goodness the baby in my tummy is now large enough to where it doesn't slosh around in there.  Blake has been doing the slide alone for several months now and Gavin actually wants to go alone, but I can't let that happen quite yet.

Keeping track of Gavin the locker room is actually harder than in the pool.  "Gavin is a goer" Blake and I like to say.  I'm often chasing after him out of a locker room, grocery store, driveway, etc.  I was relieved that today he only made one attempt to re-enter the pool alone while Blake and I were showering (fortunately I still had my suit on!).

Anyway, it was music to my ears to hear him slamming locker doors and puttering around inside the locker room while Blake and I got dressed.  If I can hear him, that's good enough.  But when I went to find him, I couldn't see him.  I checked the toilets, the curtained family changing area, and the three other locker areas.  No Gavin.  Where was he?


He had shut himself in a locker.  I finally saw a toe and foot trying to emerge and discovered the rest of him snug as a bug in a rug. What a crack-up.  Of course, then Blake had to try it and there they both were, gleefully smiling out of their private hiding places.  Too funny.

We topped off the night with burgers, fries and shakes at the local diner.  As we were getting out of the car to eat, I had to put on Gavin's shoes and socks, (which had actually never made it on either before or after the pool).  Blake was waiting in his car-seat and said, "I'm repaired."
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"Well, 'repaired' means that I have my shoes and socks on and I'm ready to go," he replied in his usual matter-of-fact manner.
"Ah, you mean 'prepared'," I said.
Pause from Blake.
"Well, I call it 'repaired'," was the answer.  I actually did then explain that repair means to fix something that is broken, but looking back, I'm not sure that what he calls it is that important.  I'm just impressed that he can use a word and then define it for you if you don't quite understand the meaning.  And he was right!  Webster's definition of "prepared" from their student dictionary:  "1 : to make ready beforehand".

We'll see how quickly "prepared" replaces the "repaired" pronunciation.  I can't imagine it will take long. 

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