Monday, October 25, 2010

First snow

October 24, 2010:  The season's first snow.  Some of you may find it hard to believe that this whitewash happened before Halloween, but I'm not.  We'd had such a beautiful fall with 70 temperatures, and I could just feel that winter would make an early appearance.  Nature has a way of balancing everything out.

More than four inches of snow fell today.  Even now, well after the sun has gone down, another snow flurry is underway.  Fortunately, we had read the weather report and knew it was coming.  On Friday, Sebe and Blake had finished their chores of putting up snow stakes, cleaning out the sandbox, and readying Blake's machines for their winter duties.  The weather did not disappoint and we woke to fresh snow this morning.  We all bundled up to help clear the driveway and test the machines. 

Four inches of snow

All bundled up

Bulldozer is tested first

Ali and her boys

Gavin loves to get the mail

I think Sebe enjoyed the snow the most -- shovelling is fun!

And what would a first snow be without trying on your ski gear!

Last year's gear still fits!

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