Thursday, October 21, 2010

A boy and his bike

Blake’s boyhood has entered a whole new realm.  Dirt bike jumps!  I’m not sure if this kid is a super-stud or if this is just normal, average boy behavior.  To me, he’s a superstar, so we’ll go with that.   

It’s become a weekly outing to go cruise the jumps at the nearby park.  Sebe and Blake attended a professional Big Air show there a few weeks ago and the small jumps have since been dubbed the little kids jumps.  When they all roll out on their balance bikes, razor scooters, and tiny pedal bikes, it calls up images of ant hills or a swarm of bees.  Last Saturday, we left when it got up to seven riders, none of which were following the same path.

Somewhere along the way, Blake said, “I want to go to the big jumps.”  He chose to descend the steepest hill (it was twice as big as what you just saw in the video).  Apprehensively, we got him centered and stable at the top, offering up a quick instruction to keep his bike wheel straight.  Then Sebe and I cringed, watching with eyes half-open,  waiting for the crash.  But there wasn’t one.  Amazing.  And all on a plywood bike with no pedals.

Poised on a big jump -- the one I mentioned is far right of pic, second back - the really big, dark one.

Checking his gear

Cruisin' the big jumps
In this next video, Gavin says, “Dada.”  Yes, he's talking now and has a few words:
All done
Dada (this was his first word)

Pretty impressive for under 14 months.  And for all the guttural noises he likes to make, his voice is wonderfully sweet.   


  1. that is the coolest hill of little boy jumps!

  2. I am amazed at Blakes confidence and lack of fear on his plywood bike. I'll bet you will be on those hills with the snow discs and sleds very soon. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.