Thursday, October 7, 2010


I read an article last night that said parents of newborns lose as much as six months of sleep in the first two years.  Since Gavin was born when Blake was not even two, I can probably add another three months to my running total, bringing my sleep deficit to nine months over the last three years.  For those of you who’ve noticed I’m grumpier than I used to be or can't deal with a situation all that well, this lack of sleep might explain it.  Granted, my husband works at home and I have been gifted a few daytime naps when little ones awake before me and he has a light workload.  Sebastian is not so great on night-time duty, but he’s quite good about getting up with whichever boy is up for the day at 5 or 6 a.m., and letting me sleep until the oatmeal is ready.

PTP’s (poorly timed poops) are often the culprit for these boys’ lack of napping; neither of them will sleep if there is a poop coming anytime in the next two hours.  Gavin was assailed with three poops this morning, which left no time for napping.  So I put the boys in school with lemon-scented playdough, made and sent to us by Oma Eileen.

Don’t worry, Gavin was fine.  And both boys and their mama napped after lunch.

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  1. yay a long video for a friday morning, just what i needed! xoxo to the diggers and crane