Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Every Monday (or Tuesday) we go to the grocery store.  The Market has kids figured out. There are mini carts that Blake loves to push on his own and fill with various things.  Last week he learned the all-important life lesson that the looks of the cart (i.e. an intact “Customer in Training” flag that waves high enough for parents to find their kid) is not as important as how well the wheels roll.  He ambles along filling his cart, fueled by a few jellied raspberries from the bulk bins.  I have no qualms about the fact that these are consumed before we check out.  Seriously, with the extra items that Blake loads into his cart and insists we need, I figure they are making an extra $15-20 on me per trip.  That is worth a few bulk candies.

 Today, his find was a Haunted gingerbread house.  For $12.99, it became our arts and crafts project for the day.  And Blake is a very considerate builder.  When the roof would slide off and I would mutter at it to stay in place, he told me to stop being so angry at the gingerbread house.  But that sensitivity was unidirectional. By dinner time, I found large bites taken out of the roof. 

Here is Gavin's turbo crawling, which turns into a gingerbread house introduction.  The second video is Blake's song about the gingerbread house.

We admired the rainbow on the way out of the store and when we got home, Blake bundled up in his Columbia pants, raincoat, and moose-embellished red rain boots to play in the sandbox.  (Okay, impressive!)  When the sun came out, he merrily came in to announce that the dark clouds had gone away, stripped down to his underwear and went back out. 

Digger #2, Gavin, was such a mellow baby that we thought we’d have it easy with him.  But he likes dismantling the dishwasher and unloading drawers as much as any kid.  His days of crawling are numbered, as walking is becoming the preferred means of travel.  He loves having Blake and I hold his hands and escort him around the house.  He even laughs when Blake runs, pulling him along at break-neck pace.  Gotta love that Gavin.

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